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The theatrical trailer is one of the most important aspects of the film process because this is the first thing people will see that will help them decide to see the movie or not. A bad or uneventful trailer will make the movie undesirable but too much in the trailer and people will feel that that don’t need to see the film.


When you walk up to a movie theater the first thing you see is a long line of movie posters advertising the coming soon releases. These posters are another critical aspect of promoting a movie. The poster should not be too busy but colorful and eye catching. The poster should remind you of the trailer.


Reviewing a film is not just about weather you liked it or not. You have to look at the acting, scenery, script, blocking, and storyline. You judge each element individually to make the ultimate review of the overall film. Some elements are more important than others. For instace acting is more important than blocking.

Franchise Films

Franchise films are becoming more and more popular. Usually a rewrite from a book series franchise films have created a cult following to the point to where a three film series is music to our ears. Some of the most successful franchise movies are, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games.. 

Franchise films almost always become instant blockbusters and steal the show for that release slot against other films.